On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Bakar, Noun

Machine Operated - Nathan Taylorm, Joshua Hercules

Pulse Films

A series of beautifully dream-like vignettes make up Machine Operated's brilliantly realised film for Bakar 'Noun'.

Nathan Taylor and Joshua Hercules forged their friendship in 2016, before officially establishing a creative partnership in 2018 through a mutual obsession with design and imagery. Fine tuning their creative talents behind the scenes at fashion shows, Machine Operated began their journey, perhaps unwittingly at first, towards becoming directors as they started working closely with young designers and new brands in London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York. Progressively developing a DIY, unrefined video and photo aesthetic that eventually caught the eye of world renowned brands, designers and publications. In the summer of 2020 the directors were given the chance to construct an idea and shoot a music video with Rejjie Snow and the late MF DOOM. The success of the project led to another Rejjie collaboration, and a handful of other promos. These projects created a momentum that sparked a relationship with GreenTea Peng for whom they made two videos for in quick succession for garnering acclaim for their unique style and vision.