On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project

Union Jake

Luuk Walschot

Bandit Amsterdam

Union Jake is a short fictional film based on true events in which leading character Jake is questioning his identity in a politically and religiously divided community. He is done fighting and is in search of something which unites us all. Coming from the Netherlands I knew little about the history of Northern Ireland and the civil war it went through during ‘the troubles’. What triggered me into making this film was seeing a documentary about the 11th Night and Orangemen’s day on the 12th. It intrigued me that in this day and age 100 feet or higher bonfires are lit, often in the middle of a residential area, to celebrate one’s nationality. My intention was to tell a very personal story which everyone can relate to but subconsciously feel these bigger themes. Having an advertising background I wanted to make something uncompromising and as brutally real as possible. I wanted to make something which to me felt true. Jake is brought up a unionist, but doesn’t really care and wants to look beyond these outer appearances. I think we live in very exciting times in which I believe we need to evolve faster in terms of our collective consciousness so to speak. We need to realize that we don’t live in separate nations anymore but in one single country called capitalism. And in this single country, there are far bigger challenges than one’s skin color, religion or sexual preference. Although the title refers to the Union Jack and the film takes place in Northern Ireland, it is a very universal story about love. Love for each other and self-love.

Luuk Walschot is a director slash creative slash photographer. His style is commercially authentic, which means that the work he creates feels truthful and thus makes a big impact. The truth can be told with humor, love, tension and various other ways, but in its core it’s about emotion. In his personal work he's interested in anything which has to do with creating mutual understanding between seemingly opposite groups of people. Themes like racism, economic inequality and identity in general motivate him deeply. He’s not signed, very eager and in for crazy adventures. He also talks about himself in the third person.