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Cancerfonden, It gets Better

Louise Wachtmeister

Camp David Film

This project is a tribute to the strength and resilience that exists in all of us. Guided by the impact of my mother's battle with cancer, this film became a healing journey for me. Having lost her just a few months before undertaking the project, I thought about our last months together to authentically capture the emotional essence of the experience. By injecting our own moments into the scenes, I aimed to create a narrative that goes beyond the screen - one that resonates with the universal themes of love and loss.

Louise was born in New York, where she began her creative journey as a teenager, studying scriptwriting and editing at Parsons. Seeking a deeper understanding of her craft, she pursued Art History and Film at university in Paris which gave her a unique perspective as a filmmaker. After her studies she worked as an assistant to famed Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund before she then later became a Director’s Assistant at BWGTBLD in Berlin, learning from some of the world’s most renowned directors. Currently based in Stockholm, Louise has successfully directed her first major campaign for The Swedish Cancer Society, emerging as an outstanding talent. She has evoked genuine emotions and meaning for her audience through her ability to address painful subjects with delicacy and fearless depth.