On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film

City Til I Die

Kurt Schneider

Eightfold Collective

During the interviews, during filming, during editing, all I kept asking myself was “Do I care this much about anything?”. I think at its core this film is about passion and the community that shared passion creates. Many people go through their lives with hobbies, things they like, etc, but they don’t really have anything that they would classify as a passion. My hope is that this film will inspire people to go out there and find something of their own. Something that they can get excited about and not feel like they’re weird for doing so. Because if you find something that you love, odds are there’s going to be a lot of other people who feel the same way. And those people, directly or indirectly, might just save your life.

Kurt Schneider is a Detroit based director, focused on visual storytelling in both the commercial and narrative spaces. As a collegiate All American in Track and Field, he is often drawn to sport related stories as it is a world that he knows intimately.