On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film - Non Fiction
Shortlist - Short Film - Non Fiction
Short Film - Non Fiction
Winner - Gold

Rare: The Boy Who Cried Swag

King She


“Rare: The Boy Who Cried Swag” is a rich, visually complex, and deeply rewarding film that takes model Rico Sanches’ dreams of greatness in fashion as a jumping-off point to explore issues of race, police brutality, trauma and self-healing in modern America.

King She is a directorial duo that came together to reframe traditional conceptual narratives into indelible experiences. They are multidimensional and multiracial creators who are tapped into the worlds of design, fashion, editorial, lifestyle and film. King She understands curation, ritual and the influence of aesthetics in transforming reality, and carries that forward into the production realm. Partners in life and art, King She brings a deep level of craft and filmmaking acumen to tell real stories through an artistic lens.