On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive

Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane

Odelay Films

A 19 year-old woman, Yassandra Barrios, emerges as the environmental leader on her Colombian island to save the reef that’s vital to its survival. She learns to dive, studies marine biology, rallies the fishermen and young people to bring awareness to protecting their marine ecosystem. She inspires those around her with a vision of a more secure future for their island home.

Joya & Lucy are award winning documentary directors, whose work has been broadcast by National Geographic, Nowness, Real Stories, VICE and Red Bull Media House. Recognising their privilege having grown up in the countryside, their films aim to create empowering narratives about access to nature. With a strength for navigating stories that bring light to fresh and underrepresented perspectives, they utilise films potential as a strong impact medium to challenge global issues of social and environmental justice.