On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

TV Priest, Press Gang

Joe Wheatley

Agile Films

Dissecting the media's omnipresent role in world events, and the changing tides of the news cycle and dissemination of information, the enigmatic video takes place in an unspecified past, reeking of late industrialisation and analogue technology. Frontman Charlie Drinkwater - playing both pinstriped boss of a cavernous factory, and TV director barking orders in a vintage control room - exudes macho strength at first, even gangster-like threat. But then the facade is stripped away, as Drinkwater's businessman character is pursued by unseen forces. Switching between abstract narrative segments and calm, quirky portraits, the video is infused with a sense of dark humour and parody, whilst turning a critical eye on the world's news media. This is delivered with an anachronistic, vintage aesthetic, achieved through the use of 16mm film and retro styling.

Joe is a director based in the UK. His work spans short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. He left a directing trio eighteen months ago and has quickly established himself as a talent on his own terms. His work is often narrative based, concerned with characters pursuing dreams or being haunted by them. Notable works include his much loved documentary ‘Rona’ and his UKMVA winning music video ‘True Stereo’ for Willie J. Healey.