On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Project Peters - INSTANT

Joe Simmons

Great Guns

Musical duo Project Peters are today launching their truly out-of-this-world music video for ‘Instant’, a track from their latest EP. The promo is directed and created by Joe Simmons in collaboration with Unreal Artist/DOP Ben Halford, and is one of the first narrative music videos to be created entirely in Unreal Engine 5. The epic space odyssey follows two astronauts whose shuttles crash onto an alien planet, inhabited by powerful - potentially hostile - extraterrestrials. As the two make individual journeys across the planet’s dunes, we are treated to incredible CGI renderings of explosions and sandstorms while they discover the striking architecture and mysterious artefacts this new world has to offer.

Joe is a Yorkshire filmmaker with a passion for future facing human stories. He likes narratives that make the audience question the world as it is and wonder where society is going. He tends to make work that combines his interests in philosophy, psychology, modern technology and science whilst striving to achieve a recognisably present day aesthetic. He has directed a number of short films, music videos, and a web series that have screened internationally at BAFTA and BIFA recognised film festivals. He holds a MA in Filmmaking from the Northern Film School and loves making work that showcases the region he is from.