On The Cusp, Longlist - Commercial

Far South, Carhartt WIP Summer 2021

Joaquim Bayle


For its Summer 21 campaign, Carhartt WIP heads south in search of sun. Set against a backdrop of old towns and countryside roads in post-industrial pockets of France, the campaign film is comprised of a series of short vignettes that swing between meditative and absurd, as three friends in a beat-up old car embark on a road trip with no destination in particular, other than an escape from restless summertime boredom. Slow in pace and without dialogue, its long, static shots allow the landscape and a series of non-places to act as the key aesthetic markers of the film, untethered to any one specific place or region. Its effect is to capture not so much a narrative, but a feeling, of boundless teenage energy puncturing the tranquility of its sleepy surroundings, and of seemingly trivial moments rendered significant with time.

Joaquim fluctuates between a very modern aesthetic and a more raw and singular approach, always with a very cinematic dimension. Equally comfortable in sports and lifestyle as in comedy, he has already worked for Nike, Adidas, Carhartt, Salomon and Jordan.