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Sweet Memories

Jessica JM Wu

Undivided Creative

SWEET MEMORIES is a swan song to the innocent liveliness a little kid possesses before the teenage years eclipse––an embrace of all the silliness and messiness of preteen love. Partially an excuse to inject my obsession with Asian snacks into memories of growing up with a goofy younger brother, this short film answers the question: What if Stephen Chow directed A Brighter Summer Day? The visuals––inspired by Taiwanese and Japanese cinematic masterpieces from Edward Yang to Yasujirō Ozu––express the warm nostalgic musing of a schoolboy with a crush. How painful and overwhelming yet ridiculous and light-hearted it all is in hindsight. I am honored to have attained the rights to the classic 1977 Hawaiian groove track, "Lihue", as it sparked the entire idea and perfectly expresses the heartbroken wistful longing of our boy.

Jessica JM Wu is a director and producer based in Toronto. She wrote, directed and produced her first short film, WHITE DRAGON, in 2019. Her sophomore short film, SWEET MEMORIES, premiered on Nowness Asia in 2021 and was featured on BooooooomTV and Beyond the Short. She is currently represented for commercial work at Undivided Creative.