Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Muse "Compliance"

Jeremi Durand


The video lives somewhere between horror and concept. The goal was to create something strange and disturbing, yet grounded in themes that would resonate with the band and with the viewers. Just like the society we live in, it’s all coming from within, so we've captured people trapped within their own experiences shown through emotionless monotony. With the additional effects of extreme slow motion and footage played in reverse, we backtrack and attempt to undo our lancinating painful truth. I generally like to leave it to the audience to decide what they see. I think it is crucial not to be too dictatorial and let ourselves be guided by our trio of heroes.

Jeremi Durand is an award winning French film director and creative based between Paris and London. As a former designer, innovation, design, image culture, narratives and conceptual thinking are at the core of his skills. Jeremi is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a unique stand point and vision. He is currently developing films, both short and feature-length, alongside his photography work. Blending concept with storytelling, Jeremi has worked with artists such as Muse, Placebo, Gesaffelstein, Kaycyy, Röyksopp, Digitalism, Zimmer, Jon Bellion & Illenium, as well clients and brands such as Columbia Records, Capitol Records, Because Music, Nike, Levi's, Lacoste, Le Coq Sportif, Land Rover, Hugo Boss & Amnesty International.