On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project

Impossible Is Nothing

Jared Daperis

The Sweetshop

This was a personal project made in the quietness of early 2021. A film that I've wanted to make that truly illustrated the deeply individual pursuit of elite golfers. The isolating and incredibly personal commitment these sportspeople endure to succeed. Tonally and creatively what was vitally important for me was to make a "sports" film with absolute restraint. Restraint in the camera-work, the edit & the score. To tell a sports story without a flurry of cuts, without a rousing and climatic score and avoiding any predictable wipe-of-a-sweaty-brow or steely-eyed exhale in the performances. To see if we could tell an inspiring documentary-like story with a poetic and observational pace to it. Beginning as a personal project, it allowed me the freedom to explore 16mm film rather than a digital format. For the aforementioned restraint, it made our cinematography choices more deliberate, curated and added a personal and authentic quality to the overall look of the film. Something I'm incredibly proud of my cinematographer Max Walter for - how he executed so brilliantly the look and composition that was so important to me.

Jared is a visual storyteller with a poetic style that sets a deeply evocative tone; combining emotion and authenticity. Boldly cinematic imagery and powerfully restrained performances, he creates inspiring and memorable films through genuine and honest character portraits and painterly frames.