On The Cusp, Longlist - Commercial
Shortlist - Commercial

Flemish centre for suicide prevention - Reading Minds

Jara Moravec


What drew me to this spot was its rawness. Solitary characters in one space, without any music, the story unfolding there and then. We often battle our demons in privacy but I wanted to keep a note of the “happy world” out there somewhere. Bring a patch of light into darkness. That’s why we hear a track called “Happy day from me to you”, happy and sad at the same time. Because life sometimes feels like driving through a carwash.

Jara (short for Jaroslav) grew up in the suburbs of Prague. He has always been fascinated by the borders dividing the real and the abstract resulting in work with a distinctive look. Whether it is through his subversive sense of humour or his sense for building delicate atmospheres, Jara always strives to build a self-contained universe, almost like a kaleidoscope from another world. After completing his photography education, Jara moved to London and later to Berlin where he got into directing music videos and commercial work. After returning to Prague, where he is currently living, Jara continued his directing path and spends his free time promoting DJ-ing and designing light installations.