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Janssen Powers

Spring Studios

On the surface, it would appear that Jiayi, Jordin, and Alice have little in common. As an ex-NHL hockey star, an Arctic expedition leader, and a street artist, their day-to-day realities are vastly different. Yet somehow, as dissimilar as their journeys may seem, Jiayi, Jordin, and Alice have all arrived at the same place; the present moment. This film explores the common threads that unite these three inspiring individuals, providing a meditative glimpse into who they are and why they have chosen to live in the way they do. BACKSTORY: I was tasked with directing Canada Goose's Fall/ Winter campaign, shot in three countries over two months. Our small but dedicated crew invested a lot to bring this project to life, with nights spent camping on frozen lakes in Nunavut, endless days chasing a never-setting sun in the Arctic, and countless hours navigating small mountain roads throughout Italy.

At a young age, Janssen discovered that a camera was his ticket to see the world. Raised in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, he grew up longing for an adventure, jumping at the opportunity to leave North America on assignment for the first time at 21 years of age. Over the next five years, he traveled to over 30 countries, flipping his world upside down as the images he captured began to shape the filmmaker behind the lens. From the Arctic to the desert, he spent weeks at a time with people living in the world's most remote corners, learning first hand that honest filmmaking was far more about listening than anything he could say. Janssen's work has been recognized worldwide, with two films shortlisted and one selected as a winner in the New Director's showcase at the 1.4 Awards, two films shortlisted at the YDA's, a nomination at this year's upcoming Young Guns awards, and a shortlist at the One Screen Film Festival. Signing with Farm League in the winter of 2019 for representation in the USA, he now splits his time between commercial and documentary projects, leveraging each to inform the other in his pursuit of raw, human-centered stories.