On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Sad Night Dynamite ft. IDK, Psychedelic Views

Jamie Whitby

Agile Films

Jamie Whitby takes us on a trip to the Psychedelic Views Hotel in his video for Sad Night Dynamite - a hallucinatory POV journey, where logic falters and goats roam free... Whitby references previous SND videos and brings a strangeness to proceedings through clever use of visual effects and animation, to enhance the woozy, sleazy atmosphere.

An escapist at heart, Jamie Whitby mobilises unusual camera and editing techniques to summon surreal, heightened worlds. His highly-conceptual approach has yielded collaborations with brands and artists including Yamaha, Mubi, Glass Animals, and Easy Life, as well as multiple Vimeo Staff Picks and UKMVA nominations.