In The Making, Longlist - Music Video

Rudimental, Straight From The Heart


Ntrōpic London

We were delighted to take on the challenge of finding a fresh approach to storytelling in the context of lockdown. The result is a surreal and explorative reflection of the restrictive world around us whilst dreaming of the freedom and return of live music in the near future. We wanted to make a video that viewers can look back on, noticing more of the subtler timely details with each watch. Ultimately our aim was to capture the highs and the lows of our current day through Rudi’s ‘eyes’. We witness others’ hostility and fear - something that we have all experienced in lockdown - and finally complete elation, as Rudi finds his purpose bringing live music back to the people.

Ntropic's fresh new directing duo JAK are London and Belfast based directors whose work focuses on a heightened representation of life and emotion. Their complimenting skill sets, Jo with a background in graphic design, design thinking and Katie with a background in photography and VFX allow them to tackle any creative brief with energy and experience. They have directed music videos for Rudimental, Kasbo, StarOne and Caggie Dunlop and commercials for brands such as EA Sports, StayFree Carefree and The GreenParty. Outside of corporate work, their passion projects, often telling stories about the Northern Irish experience, have been commissioned by BBC NI, Belfast City Council and the Irish language festival.