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A Dream That Refused Me

Jabu Nadia Newman

Romance Films

The Dream The Refused Me is an Afrofuturist cipher reframing black cultures through poetry, movement and dance. The film does not aim to carry a singular message, but to exist as a creative expression; a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and prints woven together by Xhosa poet Siyabonga Jim, CGI avatars (played by South Africa’s first CGI model Kim Zulu), and incandescent landscapes created by collage artist Zas Ieluhee.

Jabu Nadia Newman is a South African filmmaker and photographer whose work is as diverse as her constantly shifting pool of inspirations. Through boldly colourful visuals, she explores alternative narratives that are relevant to the here and now. Her distinctive voice is one that deftly masters the tonal shift between heartfelt emotion and satire — giving her films both humour and beauty.