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Fossil Fashion

Irene Baqué


“It's been amazing to have the creative freedom to visualize what The Changing Markets has been researching. The aim was to show the impact fast fashion has on the environment. It was important for us to start with something visually appealing and familiar - so I went for something that felt colorful, soft, dreamy, light. The use of 16mm film was key to get that look we had in mind. The styling was also very purposeful; using polyester textiles with an overall color palette that felt consistent and relevant to this year's trends.”

Irene Baqué is a gifted storyteller. She makes films that tell human stories; about real people from underrepresented communities, in raw, intimate and cinematic ways. Her focus rests on the reality of being human, from identity and gender to social justice and youth culture. Her subjects are often individuals on a journey of self-discovery, and her considered approach allows space for each unique lived experience to lay itself bare. She has created work for The Guardian, Converse, Vice, Dazed, Boiler Room and more.