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Unridden, Go Where You Feel Most Alive

Ian Isak

Honeytrap Film

Unridden is a Nordic cold water brand founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. Emerging from the frigid, dark waters, Unridden is all about exploring the raw and unpredictable nature that surrounds us as a means to !nding genuine happiness within ourselves. Unridden wants to inspire and dress people to go outside and explore. People spend most of their time indoors in front of screens. We want to change that. We want to encourage people to explore the outdoors. To get out there and feel the breeze! To capture the special feeling of exploring the Unridden, we teamed up with director Ian Isak from Copenhagen based production company Honeytrap Film. Ian grew up in the countryside of Denmark and has always been drawn to the outdoors of his childhood landscape. For this project, however, he knew that he had to go somewhere unfamiliar. Somewhere Unexplored. Somewhere Unridden. Together with his crew he ended up going to the breathtaking Faroe Islands during the coldest time of year. The islands host generations of people living in close connection with the harsh environment and proved to be the perfect backdrop for the story, that he wanted to tell. Energetically scored by music composer Simon Littauer, the !lm takes you on a visually stunning ride through the spectacular sceneries of the rugged island shores, while poetically contemplating that one important question: Where do we feel most alive?

Ian Isak is an award winning, Danish director, based in Copenhagen. Ian mainly works with short formats such as commercials, documentary, music videos and fashion, and has more than 10 years of experience. Ian Isak has a TV and Media Director degree from the Danish School of Journalism and he often mixes documentary with the commercial formats. Authenticity is a recurring theme in his work and this mix of formats has earned him awards and shortlists around the world. In 2018 Ian Isak’s fashion film “Happy Nothing” was shortlisted at Epica Awards, Eurobest, Shots Awards, The True Award and Young Director Award and won prizes at Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival and Berlin Fashion Film Festival.