Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Pokerstars, Epic Downtime

Iain Morris


The commercial, which was shot remotely over three days in Bulgaria, opens on a man fighting his way through a crowded rooftop of zombies. After diving off the side of the building and landing on an inflatable, we soon realise he’s shooting an epic movie. We follow our protagonist as he boards a buggy and is driven through the busy set finding his “thrill in chill” and striking gold in his epic downtime on Pokerstars Casino. The producer is British independent film expert, Claire Jones, who is best known for Kill List, Sightseers and Ghost Stories. Jones previously worked with Morris on The Festival, convincing both Leeds Festival head Melvin Benn and Kasabian’s management to let them rig nine cameras and film during the headline act. The Pokerstars commercial was equally challenging. Jones comments: “Producing the Pokerstars commercial in Bulgaria for Dog Eat Dog was a challenging but very rewarding shoot. Attempting to capture the back-lot of a film studio in 60 seconds in one fluid shot was challenging to say the least. Iain had the vision to achieve all the action, including the stunt, with no edit points; the stunt being a 30 meter jump off a building. With careful planning and a terrific stunt coordinator and stunt men we achieved the very controlled, but risky feat.” Iain Morris has recently signed to Dog Eat Dog for commercial representation. Dog Eat Dog EP, Harvey Ascott, comments: “It was an almost-fully remote shoot with Iain in LA, most of the agency and client in London and us filming in Sofia, Bulgaria. The prep and shoot was seamless and expertly run by the incredible team from B2Y in Bulgaria, our awesome Producer Claire Jones, the fantastically talented David Procter (DOP) and the ace Carlos Velez (2nd Unit Director). It was an honour to work with them all. Iain’s way of dealing with cast and crew was really calming, but he also pushed everyone creatively; something I really admire. Looking forward to the next one!”