Flying High, Longlist - Music Video


Hernan Corera

Mama Hungara

Sin Bandera contacted me about making a music video for them - they had been following my work and gave me complete creative freedom. The song is a romantic ballad and I liked the idea of giving it a twist, and not taking it so literally. I had the idea of a battlefield, with soldiers fallen in combat from all the eras of humanity, out of chronological order, conveying the idea that if we kill each other, there will be no one left. The video is an essay about possession, anger, and fear based on the typical lyrics of the bolero genre.

Corera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1983 and has spent the last decade cultivating a powerful and unique artistic vision that spans disciplines and creative projects. Since he first hit the scene in 2007, he has amassed an impressive catalogue of high profile work, not only as a director but also as an award- winning photographer and musician.