On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal

Until Then

Harvey Pearson

My Accomplice

There are certain things you can’t say over text or email and human intimacy that can’t be replaced by the pixels on a screen. As the first lockdown hit and the world stood still, we instantly became isolated from one another, leaving projects unfinished, questions unanswered and final hugs not squeezed hard enough. We adjusted to the more minimal lifestyle and in these moments of solitude, I found glimmers of beauty in the small things around me. The idea for this film came whilst reflecting on last moments with friends and family and what I could have changed. I contacted my good friend Benjamin Dowie, who lives out near Adelaide, to discuss the concept. We’d worked together a couple of times over the past few years, usually when Ben comes over to London, but through the pandemic we discovered that it was possible to create remotely. I think where we were mentally and physically at the time collectively as humans really reflects in this film - from the setting to the overall morale of the voice messages we got from around the world - while we were all going through this dark time together there was a tangible moment of hope and love, and that is what always prevails. It was a magic experience to hear so many touching messages - a light amongst the darkness of the pandemic.

Harvey Pearson is a self-taught director, writer and photographer. His work traverses narrative and visual storytelling, interwoven with visceral yet introspective qualities, exploring human existence at its heart. Harvey’s body of work includes short films such as ‘More Time’ and films for brands like The Fader. His directing credits also include ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’, a trilogy of films for SG Lewis and music videos for Sam Smith, The Japanese House, Puma Blue and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.