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Shortlist - Short Film - Fiction




Being a teenager is hard enough, but in a small mountain town like this it’s even worse for Nina, a 16yo rhythmic gymnast whose biggest idol is Gio, the coolest girl in town. At least for her. Things get out of control when Gio suddenly forces herself into her life and starts to shape her to her own image in a sadistic yet mysterious game only she knows the rules of. CREATURA is my first narrative short film but also a passion project. Everything, from the story to the setting, is related to my childhood and teenage years. We shot it where I come from, with people I have known forever as the actors. I always had a controversial relationship with those years, so this film is my first step to unravel it in a way.

Giada Bossi is an Italian director based in Milan. Born in 1993 in the Lake District in Northern Italy, she grew up in the suburbs attending art school. After two years of nomadism around Europe, cursing every day that she didn’t have a video camera, she came back to Milan to study filmmaking, screenplay and acting. In 2018 she started directing music videos, commercials and fashion films, merging storytelling with an aesthetic approach both in documentary and narrative. At the moment she’s developing her first feature in Italy with INDIANA films.