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Gasser Brothers

“Eclipse” is a music film that explores and questions human consciousness through the power of choice. Interpreted by Yao Dapre Nicol aka Oulouy and musically sculpted with two tracks from electronic duo Weval, the film exposes a man’s evolution and personal growth towards awareness, offering a visual contrast between light and darkness, movement and paralysis, life or death. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - A. E.

GASSER BROTHERS is a filmmaker duo formed by twin brothers Marco Gasser (Director) and Fabio Gasser (Director / DOP). Born and raised in Zürich and strongly influenced by the city’s skateboard and urban culture, they both discovered their passion for film at a young age, which later on led them to study and develop their tastes in image, sound and film. They nowadays live and work in Barcelona, creating films with a strong sense of aesthetic and a special sensibility towards emotional storytelling.