Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

The Bloom Twins, High On Beat

Francis Wallis


“Anna and Sonia ( aka The Bloom twins) are always unflinching in bringing their unique style and energy to screen. This video always felt like it should naturally be performance led but I also knew I wanted to caveat this with a free reign to bring something more ethereal and trippy to our visuals. We actually shot this video a year ago during lockdown 1.0 so this was also a little bit of a rude awakening about the realities of what shooting under covid restrictions truly meant. We pulled this video off with a skeleton crew with a capital S but in some ways that’s exactly what was needed for a shoot like this .”

Francis Wallis always wanted to be a professional footballer. And he came close, playing with the Sporting CP Youth Academy in Lisbon. This training makes him an excellent player on set, believing filmmaking to be a team sport and that his early football experience taught him how to play the game. How to manage a team and use strategy to obtain the goal of a great film. Ok. Enough with the football – filmmaking analogies. After studying film theory at Kingston University London, Francis threw himself into the filmmaking game, working as a runner on set and gaining as much practical, hands-on experience as possible. From there he started shooting his own projects. His camcorder or trusty Super 8 always by his side. He now has boxes and boxes of footage. If he ever decides to make a documentary, he’s got all the footage he could ever want. (Netflix, that you?) Francis is an extraordinarily versatile director, deftly handling striking fashion films and epic car commercials. His keen eye for luxury playfully contrasts with his dynamic automobile and sports work, making him a go-to for sharp, playful and cinematic vision. He strives to install powerful, distinct visuals across all his work. He finds fashion films a great place for visual identity and creative license, whereas he loves the mood of those classic American style car ads. Throw these two together and you get Francis’s knack for “big” feeling commercials with strong characters and visual layers. When he’s not on set, Francis can be found on his dirt bike with fellow Familia brother Craig Moore or mixing a great mojito. Now that’s versatility.