Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Liquid Slow

Fernando Nogari

Iconoclast Brazil

Mad Max has been a vision of a future ruled by fast cars and downed airplanes, but in Liquid Slow, the future is ruled by deadly dance matches in a dirt-strewn Thunderdome. The pounding beat leads us through a vision of dystopian poverty as we follow a young couple who are fighting to survive. The young man owes dangerous men money, and the young woman decides to enter a dance contest to the death, almost like a free-for-all MMA tournament, where the last dancer standing earns the prize money in the pot. The cinematography is soulful and elegant, focusing on moving bodies and angry faces, embedding you in the feeling of the song. The music by techno artists Charlotte de Witte and Chis Leibing is haunting, low-fi, and without a lot of pretence or extra elements. It’s a dance house track with the slightest of sci-fi leanings. Although the young woman’s dancing is frenzied, it’s reminiscent of voguing, giving us a nice frame of reference as at the end we realize that this is likely the next phase of a queer ballroom experience that we’re watching from a very intimate distance.