Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Hurts, All I Have to Give

Favourite Colour: Black (Chris Turner)

Park Village

In Favourite Colour: Black's words, 'Hurts have made many promos, but never a ‘one-shot’ video before. With the song (and album) having strong recurring themes of self-reflection and facing up to demons, it was the perfect opportunity to use this approach, because of the raw, honest feeling that can be achieved from capturing a performance in a single, unbroken take. With this video we wanted to literally break the fourth wall, and show Theo being stripped of everything - not only his possessions, but the artifice of the business. The characters he’s played in numerous videos, until all that’s left is his true self.'

FAVOURITE COLOUR: BLACK is a blend of fastidious technical genius and aesthetically artistic film maker. He's worked with global commercial clients including Jaguar, Adidas, BMW and Sony and  artists such as The Vamps, Birdy, Jay-Z and Gazelle Twin.