Flying High, Longlist - Branded


Factory Fifteen

Nexus Studios

Factory Fifteen immerse viewers in a celebratory visual feast for the BBC’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ trail. The epic spot takes audiences on a whistle-stop tour through the idiosyncratic and exciting megacity by reimagining Tokyo with Olympic athletes and events embedded into its fabric and culture. Street signs, shops, arcades, gashapon parlours and homes are all authentically augmented with sports and their stars thrust centre-stage. Shot to feel like a single continuous camera move, each frame within the one minute sequence is flooded with an array of original artwork designed by Nexus Director and contemporary artist, Fantasista Utamaro. Repeat viewing is rewarded with over 50 carefully planted ‘easter egg moments’.

Co-founded by Kibwe Tavares, Jonathan Gales and Paul Nicholls, Factory Fifteen’s expertise spans architecture, 3D visualisation, engineering, animation and photography. Their multi-disciplinary talents and distinctive approach to filmmaking has been sought after by high profile brands including Samsung, Channel 4 and The British Film Institute. Most recently, Factory Fifteen transported fans to a magically re-imagined Tokyo for the BBC's Olympic Games Trail. They also brought to life the iconic cityscape for the BBC series adaptation of Malorie Black’s seminal piece, Noughts + Crosses and created the mesmerizing visuals for the breathtaking ballet ‘Aisha and Abhaya’ which debuted at the Royal Opera House. The collective has won a raft of awards including the Jury prize for animation direction at the Sundance Film Festival. Their creative shorts and artwork has been exhibited internationally at festivals and venues such as SXSW, Onedotzeoro, Arts Electronica, Alpha-ville, The Creator’s Project and The Whitechapel Gallery.