Flying High, Longlist - Animation
Shortlist - Animation
Winner - Silver

The Cliff

Optical Arts

The Cliff is a reinterpretation of the ancient myth of the Black Dog. Borrowing codes from Noir fiction, the film is an atmospheric and poetic journey picturing the return of an animal from the dead. The film explores a collection of sensory fragments, using a non-linear narrative. As the dog walks through the film, it rediscovers and remembers all the sensations, places, textures, movements and sounds from the past. Different visual techniques such as cinematic framing, scientific cross-sectioning, architectural illustration, as well as character POV have been combined here to create a hybrid narrative form, with a focus on visual emotions and memories. Working with Milan based composer Niccolò Chotkowski, we designed a soundtrack intended to give weight and physicality to the memories addressed in the film. Constantly balancing between music and sound design without ever settling, the idea was to compose an experimental track that would link the frames, enhance the visuals and support the narrative tension of the film.

Optical Arts is a London-based creative studio. The team combines experience and expertise across film production, direction, photography, animation and design. Together we explore new ways to tell visual stories, applying innovative ideas and techniques to live action, digital, print and installation. We work collaboratively with brands, agencies and creative partners to create unique work, from idea conception to delivery. In the last year the studio has created advertising for clients such as apple, Guinness,, Dom Perignon, and Refuge as well as music videos for artist Max Cooper and still imagery for the cover of Wallpaper magazine. The studio was selected by Louis Vuitton to be one of the visionary artists chosen to partake in their LV200 project, with work exhibited in Paris and New York. The studio was founded by director / photographer Dan Tobin Smith and this project was lead by Creative Director Fabrice Le Nezet.