Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Mentis ft. Kate Wild, Excuses

Eoin Glaister

Stink Films

“When we think of DJs we tend to think of the superstar kind rather than the mobile variety but it was the latter that I wanted to shine a light on in this video for Mentis. ‘Excuses’ documents the tragicomic trials and tribulations of DJ Debs, Kent’s premium party provider. Somehow we managed to trick Lauren Socha into bringing this character to life. What a bloody coup that was. She’s a star and effectively had to go full method for the role as we bundled her in a van and drove around Kent trying to blag gigs. Eternally indebted to our astonishing crew who did loads with very little. Absolute legends the lot of them.” - Eoin Glaister

Eoin is a director. He lives and works in London and really likes ice cream. Recently the BFI published the following about him, "Eoin is one of the most inventive and prolific directors currently working in British music videos. With his versatile range of work Eoin is arguably part of the grand tradition of British directors who start with hugely entertaining videos before going on to making hugely entertaining ads, TV or movies.” Subsequently Eoin was caught shoplifting a scotch egg from Budgens.