On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Non Esiste Amore A Napoli

Enea Colombi


The impossibility of escaping from their own destiny is narrated in a surreal world, suspended in time and space where a boy is looking for a way to escape from the forced and alienating cohabitation with his own brother. Looking for it, he will find himself, once again, trapped and lost in a toxic and self-destructive relationship with a mysterious girl met online.

Enea Colombi is a young director from italy, based in the countryside far fromfrom the chaos of the city, his work and style are influenced by the environment and has symbiotic relationship betweeen human behaviour and nature. One of the youngest and most promising Italian directors, he began his career at 16 when he made the first music video clips for the Italian rap scene, now is shooting for international brand and most important national artist.