On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

The Disciples, No Ties

Elliot Simpson

Park Village

ELLIOT SIMPSON: 'The original concept was to bring 4x4 print out from a photo booth to life. We created our own custom photo booth, and brought in a cast of party people, and chucked them into the booth with Disciples. Essentially creating a party in a photo booth. The stripped back setting was a nice way of showing the artist and cast personality. And just experimenting with lighting for visual effects. The rest was all in the edit. It was a bit mind boggling at times editing all four screens at once, but was really interesting seeing how each frame reacted with the other and playing on that. We had a really cool cast, everyone was on a good vibe and had a laugh with it, we even had people just turning up! I always want films or images I make to feel authentic, to feel real or a true reflection of the culture or emotion I’m trying to capture.”

Elliot Simpson is a director and photographer from South London. His work blends technical experimentation and his eye for art direction to tell stories. Adept at getting authentic performances that capture a cultural scene or directing tongue in cheek narratives that twist reality, his work always keeps you watching. His background in editing and post production enables him to seamlessly integrate graphics into the fabric of his films. His strong use of choreography has led to successful collaborations with Adidas and Puma as well as many music videos. As a photographer Elliot has captured a raft of music artists for campaigns as well as brands such as Beats By Dre, Adidas, Converse, Nike, Vans and Vogue.