On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project

Andy Dixon in Andy Dixon

David Bourke

Täk for Täk

With the complete disruption of the norm this year, I wanted to direct something of my own. Something that I could create and mold as I see fit. My way of taking back control. A way of departing from all of the branded content that floods our markets. This is a creation for the sake of creating something. Art forms coming together without any agenda, except for us to make something beautiful and insightful. Andy Dixon is hyper-aware of the relationship between art and luxury. His work is a blend of Flemish still lives, Renaissance nudes and expensive things rappers might buy. In this film Andy discusses the paradox of vanity, ego, materialism and the seriously satirical nature of his work and of the art world. Andy has done many sold out shows around the world. He has collaborated with Versace for Milan Design Week and Art Basel; as well as a new fashion line for Spring 2020. This film was shot on Kodak 35mm in his downtown LA studio.

After growing up as a beach bum on the eastern coast of Australia and dreaming of being a cinematographer in California. David Bourke finally made the move in 2011 and has since travelled to over 25 countries on productions and has shot a multitude of commercials for brands like McDonald’s, Old Spice and Uber. Now settled in Los Angeles, David is moving into directing with “Andy Dixon in Andy Dixon” being his first foray into this role. Whenever he is not working, he is being a beach bum with his family.