On The Cusp, Longlist - Lockdown

Distant Future

Charlie Watts

Chief Productions

Distant Future is a short film about the people around the pandemic. The anxieties, struggles, tragedies, and joys that have come out of the moment in time. "As a filmmaker, my passion has always been deeply rooted in telling stories. The stories that resonate with me the most are the real stories, the ones that we can all connect with. People fascinate me, every life is unique and everyone has their own story to tell. Lockdown’s been an extremely surreal time for everyone and something like we have never seen before, for me it only felt right to try and document this moment in time. Like one of the people in the film says, it’s such a poignant moment in our lifetime."

Charlie merges the beauty found in harsh reality with the wonderful sensitivity of story-telling. Equally at home on the most extreme urban backdrops as he is in the warmer climes of a more forgiving world he enjoys getting stuck into 'gritty' or 'pretty' without compromise.