Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

The Comet Is Coming, Technicolor

Charlie Robins

Agile Films

This was always going to be pretty nuts. I had a great conversation with the band about the new album called Hyper Dimensional Expansion Beam. That name was enough of a jumping off point, and I just threw a load of crazy shit at it. It felt right to be weird and post-apocalyptic but also disorientating and fucked up. I wanted to make people feel a bit sick in all honesty. The music is so crazy yet intricately put together, there is something beautifully chaotic about it which fits very well with some post and camera techniques I've been developing for a while. There’s not a lot of back story behind the idea. I like the openness of it. People can make up their own minds about what just happened. I worked very closely with the immense team at Agile (particularly the post guys!) to make this film happen. What a seriously talented, generous and wonderful bunch of humans they are.

Charlie has created an impressive body of work in music videos over the past few years, directing visceral and kinetic promos for artists such as Naughty Boy featuring Beyonce, Rudimental, Bonobo, Jessie Ware, Chase and Status, and Jeshi. His work has been recognised with multiple nominations and awards across the industry, including at the UKMVAs, Cannes Lions, Berlin MVAs and Kinsale Sharks.