On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Liam Gallagher, Too Good for Giving Up

BWTV - Ryan Vernava, Liam Achaibou


Liam Achaibou and Ryan Vernava met at University of Westminster - and have been working together ever since. That's where they began Brain Wash, originally a short film event of weird and wacky stuff - before they became directing team Brain Wash and then BWTV - making all sorts of things themselves. As BWTV they cover a gamut of styles and techniques, accommodating live action with VFX and animation, it is not surprising that they do not get much downtime. The past year has been especially productive: videos for Baby Queen, Tom Jones, Bonobo, Bastille, Elbow and Doves, an ongoing collaboration with artist Trouble Andrew / Gucci Ghost and stage visuals for Django Django and Daniel Avery.