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Blaze Gonzalez

D3C05 is a sci-fi love letter to Miami’s Art Deco architecture. This film envisions a new phase of technological evolution from a latinx perspective - eliminating the separation of human, object, and nature. Re-interpreting a future where power structures have shifted and latinx is the dominant cultural paradigm. Latin dialects, slang, historical references and digital stutter combine into a speculative digital language of the future. Simulated learning modules take on performative futuristic rituals to recreate endemic knowledge. Module D3C05 focuses on Miami Art Deco architecture and the complex history upon which it was built.

Blaze Gonzalez is a multi-disciplinary Director and Visual Artist. Born in Miami, FL to Nuyorican parents, Blaze was infused with the beauty, sensuality, scandal and raw lush nature of her cultural lineage. Trained in classical ballet, Blaze's first creative expression was through dance and movement. She received her bachelors degree from San Francisco Art Institute and translated the fusion of a rigorous technical background with the chaotic fluidity of her childhood. She has since worked in the fields of video, graphic design, photography, and fashion and has shown her work internationally in galleries, festivals, and printed publications. Blaze aims to create moments of magical realism that are earnest, uncomfortable and above all, beautiful.