In The Making, Longlist - Personal Project, Animation, Choreography


Blaze Gonzalez

D3C05 tells the story of Miami's Art Deco architecture through the lens of a manipulated landscape over time. Cuban born, Miami based, choreographer and dancer, Liony Garcia, moves the viewer through time from pre-colonization into a glitched virtual representation of the future. This speculative future envisions Miami Art Deco architecture in a post-human latinx world. The film takes the idea of optimistic futurism, an emblem of art deco at the height of its construction, and reimagines the concept within a digital space, where the boundaries between human, nature, and object coalesce. Hispanic dialects, slang, and historical references combine into a digital language of the future.

Blaze Gonzalez is a filmmaker and creative director. Her first form of visual communication was dance - initially studying classical ballet and transitioning into modern modalities. The movement languages, and subcultural contexts embedded in modern dance technique, form the foundation of her creative practice. In combination with her education in fine art and film, Gonzalez has gone on to display her work in film festivals and art galleries internationally, as well as direct commercial work for global brands and emerging designers.