On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Neumodel ft. Kiddy Smile, Hayah

Axel Morin

Frenzy Paris

Two bodies are painfully dragged along a floor reflecting their image, like two modern Narcissus. Imprisoned under a tarp, a young woman twists herself. In the background, a dancer contorts himself in extreme postures above a floor covered with water. Filmed in black and white, this darkly aesthetic clip presents physical and moral violence through immersive sequences of shots, giving a Freudian interpretation of passion as a possession. It is a wild visual interpretation, as disturbing as it is fascinating, of those who refuse to be stifled by the expectations of the "Narcissus".

Axel Morin is a photographer / director with a powerful vision of deeply aesthetic imagery and a unique storytelling ability. Inspired by the urban culture of his youth, he discovered his passion for photography in his early ages. He uses bold compositions with a contemporary vision. His sought-after style is a blend of timeless sophistication with a fresh, provocative interpretation.