Flying High, Longlist - Animation

Ride Or Die

Art Camp

A No Tricks Production

We wanted to make a video that was as exhilarating and ethereal as the song itself. A testament to courage and to vulnerability. A vision of fate and of rebellion. A crescendo of action that makes us feel a rush of blood and the thrill of being alive. A fantastical journey into the psyche where we encounter ourselves as if for the very first time. We worked closely with Lu and stylist Becky Akinyode to design and model garments that reflected different aspects of the multifaceted artist, and the many sides within all of us. The trains were constructed and textured from scratch, recombining aesthetic influences across industrial history to emphasize the surreal timelessness of our setting. We developed a serene and phantasmagoric world for Lu to inhabit, with no beginning and no end, a vast and unknowable dreamscape in which all potential selves coexist, their paths converging and diverging. Our process is rooted in delight and discovery, in learning to expand our own ideas of what is possible. There are parts within all of us that we have yet to explore. The fierce, the whimsical, the melancholic, the mystical, we are all these things and more, aligning and colliding at once. We hope the video invites you into those parts of yourself that you haven’t yet seen, to find powers you didn’t realize you had. This is not a story of regret, of roads not traveled. There is no fork in the road. There are endless paths, and you can go down all of them. They are waiting for you.

Art Camp is a multidisciplinary studio in Brooklyn founded by Santiago Carrasquilla and Jos Diaz Contreras. The pair met on The Happy Film, a design documentary by Stefan Sagmeister, and continued working together at the intersection of filmmaking and design. Art Camp has focused on projects that blur the boundaries between visual disciplines, creating unique genre-bending videos for musicians including U2, Mitski and Thom Yorke. They are constantly investigating new methods for transforming images and creating emotional experiences for viewers. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Rolling Stone, NPR and Adweek, recognized by The Art Director's Club, Vimeo’s Staff Picks and D&AD, and exhibited at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Museum of Design Atlanta. Their music video for Mitski ‘A Pearl’ was recently given the Special Jury Recognition Award for Animation at the 2020 SxSW competition.