In The Making, Longlist - Planet Positive, Short Film - Non Fiction
Shortlist - Planet Positive
Shortlist - Short Film - Non Fiction
Short Film - Non Fiction
Winner - Gold

No Home, No Life.

Alexander Ronsdorf


Fayad is a 50 year old Syrian refugee. In 2011 he lost his home and since then, he and his family have been living in provisional tents in Lebanon. He ponders the question "What is home?".

Alexander Ronsdorf is a self-taught director, filmmaker and photographer. Raised as the middle kid in a family of seven in the middle of nowhere, the urge to create was always part of my existence. That led to my love for moving pictures, so I taught myself how to make and direct films. I find inspiration in encountering people from all over the world, family and friends, old trends and new traditions or simple anomalies in the mundane life. Filmmaking is the place where I can bring all that to the table. I strive to make films that awaken the human soul.