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Alexander Ronsdorf


It's an odd time we're living in. The pandemic shook up everything that was normal to us. Two years of isolation really left its mark. We're living in a hyper-interconnected time and still, it feels harder than ever to find a real connection. You feel alone, even though you're surrounded by people. The simplest tasks can leave you feeling breathless and all you want to do is get out and get a break. This film glimpses into the cultural moment of a young and urban generation, trying to make sense of it all.

Alexander Ronsdorf is a self-taught director, filmmaker and photographer. Raised as the middle kid in a family of seven in the middle of nowhere, the urge to create was always part of my existence. That led to my love for moving pictures, so I taught myself how to make and direct films. I find inspiration in encountering people from all over the world, family and friends, old trends and new traditions or simple anomalies in the mundane life. Filmmaking is the place where I can bring all that to the table. I strive to make films that awaken the human soul.