On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Fuel Fandango ft. MJ Llergo, Mi Huella

Alex Gargot


The inhabitants of a tower block are jolted from their domestic activity when their building disconnects from its foundations, and launches rocket-like into Earth's upper atmosphere. With a mesmerising mix of understated VFX and portrait-style vignettes, the video is light on backstory or character development, instead placing the focus on the unfolding phenomenon which allows the residents to experience a zero gravity atmosphere, before the building settles back down to Earth

After the master's degree in film directing in 2016, he was awarded the financing of “Amo”, a sci-fi short film that premiered at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival and gathered several nominations and awards at international festivals such as the Fantastic Planet at Sydney.Then he signed for the production company Grayskull where he got into directing commercials. In 2019 Alex is awarded with the best electronic music video clip at the prestigious UKMVA in London as well as the best music video in Soundie at Barcelona with Cora Novoa’s “State of mind” promo, and nominated for the second consecutive time at the UKMVA in 2020 with María José Llergo’s “A través de ti” video, which was awarded for the best international video clip in the BAMVF of Buenos Aires.