On The Cusp, Longlist - Fashion


Albert Grabuleda

Redwood Team

“In Western cultures we see mantises are deadly and cruel creatures. But actually only in 20% of the cases do the females feed on the males after sex. But does our perception matter more than reality, when it comes to identity? This is what lies at the core of Mantis - an ongoing conversation as to how we can break away from preimposed stereotypes and truly own our identities.”

Born in Barcelona (Spain), Grabuleda began his journey in the film industry as an actor in films and tv commercials, making notes along the way for stories to create later on as a filmmaker. He then moved onto direction, initially short films and then commercials, enjoying the challenge of bringing a whole narrative to life in a limited amount of time. Grabuleda’s extensive experience in acting has allowed him to be particularly comfortable working with actors and talent. His strength lies in digging deep into the peculiarities of the human mind and being able to tell unusual stories in a clear, detailed and palatable way.