Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Kiss Me



This video is a romanticised, surreal vision of how love is worth it even when things are falling apart, and life feels chaotic, even when everything disintegrates. It’s an attempt to create a romantic action video that translates the emotion of the track “Kiss me” and where we can picture the artist's performance, Dermot, in an original/impressive way.

Paris-based Clément Dozier and Camille Dauteuille (better known as AB/CD/CD) have been working together for over ten years. During that time they’ve built a reputation for creating highly conceptual, playful work that uses in-camera techniques and special effects to visually enhance ideas and strengthen narratives. While their approach is highly technical, they balance this by creating emotional impact and establishing a sense of connection; always striving to make something that’s as emotionally strong as it is visually engaging. With visual hooks, dynamic camera moves, and the use of mixed media, their imaginative approach has raised the creative bar for many brands including McDonald’s, Samsung, Diesel, YSL and Decathlon. The duo’s background in art direction means they work hard to ensure the craft is always driven by emotion, choosing to work with visionary art directors who share their need for precision, and aspiring to create environments that still have movement and a conceptual approach while being firmly embedded in reality. Over the years they have established an instinctual way of working together, complementing and challenging each other to push ideas as far as they can and visually innovate by experimenting with technology and cameras. It’s an organic approach that will resonate well with UK agencies, brands and music artists who are keen to explore more inventive ways of telling stories.