Flying High, Longlist - Music Video, Choreography

DELAURENTIS, Unica's Cloud



A thick fog dissipates over a stadium. Within it, a young charismatic woman. She looks like she escaped from somewhere to get here. Through a gestural routine inspired by the world of manga (half dance, half incantation), she invokes a drones pack that gathers around her. Perfectly synchronized with his gestures, they offer a show of symbiosis between humans, machines, and nature. Half magical, half threatening. The second scene presents the young woman as a leader who guides drones through an empty field full of waste. They invest the streets with panache and enthusiasm, a sign of a disturbing burst of vitality. There is not really a story, but rather a very simple process. The idea is essentially to show a dynamic of cohabitation between nature, humans and machines. Without taking a position, we let perceive how this dynamic is both beautiful and magical and at the same time quite worrying.

AB/CD/CD is a directors duo born in the year of grace 2009. After many years watching MTV, graphic design study and a born dead musician career, we turn body and soul into the video caprice. Everything starts with Lily Allen ‘Fuck You’ promo, with our back in the days partner Arnaud Boutin. Since then we had a chance to work with musicians that have really inspired us : Panda Bear, Breakbot, Uffie, Kavinsky, Franz Ferdinand, Sparks, Factory Floor, Royal Bloood, Kazabian, PC music… And we are collaborating with worldwide agencies for brands such as American Express, YSL, Samsung, Axe, Diesel, Smirnoff… With few incursion into fashion industry shooting some of the most beautiful women of our time Kate Upton, Barbara Palvin, Cara Delevingne, Lily Donaldson, Rosie Tapner, Crista Cober, Hollie may Saker…the best is yet to come. AB/CD/CD is based in Paris and working worldwide.