On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


Will Dohrn


Will Dohrn's searingly intense video for IDLES employs a brilliant visual device to tell several parallel stories of life on the edge in modern Britain. It's so rare to see something which takes the familiar and bring a completely fresh, and instantly identifiable perspective. This is one of those occasions, as Dohrn's camera effectively becomes each protagonist, looking downwards at their own right hand as they go about their daily business. Against the incendary aggression of WAR, the director cuts kinetically between the stories, but building up a tapestry of gritty lives, grim outlooks and, as the camera spirals upwards in the final stage, human tragedy. You will need to watch again (and again) to discern each progression - and that is a key element to the success of this thrilling video which is, conversely also immediately impactful. With an execution as strong and inventive as the concept, it's certainly up there as one of the best music videos of the year so far.

Will is a London-based director and artist represented by GroundWork. Will makes commercials, short films and music videos. Will was born in Montpellier, Bristol, where he later grew up. Will is interested in provoking thought around our lived spaces, objects and time, using inventive and unused visual devices to tell impactful, feeling driven stories and art.