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An Island Drifts

Vivian Ip


LOGLINE A melancholic day-in-a-life story set in Singapore— a young teacher presses for the truth from a maladjusted student, as the act leads to devastating results and they suffer the ignominy of losing everything that matters to them. SYNOPSIS Set against the modern backdrop of Singapore, a teacher, Glen, witnesses a young primary six student, Andrew, involved in a troubling and much discussed incident that happened in school. Without a full grasp on the truth, Glen deals with Andrew objectively but Andrew is unable to comprehend the situation and this leads to devastating consequences, causing Glen to lose his job and question if he is to blame. He ultimately has to meditate on his actions if they align with his principles, unsure if he should forgive himself. The film shows how too much pressure is the norm and a mistake can derail a life; a person may be complicit or his actions may contribute to another's despair. DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT The overarching theme of the film is individual versus society, when too much pressure is the norm, in both applying it and the resulting breakdowns it causes. Where a mistake can derail a life in an overly pressurized world; a person may be complicit or his actions may contribute to another’s despair. In the end, the film hopes to show what happens when the heart longs to fix something broken, that can no longer remain perfect. The film is not intended to present these themes in a didactic fashion or with moral instruction but to ask real questions about complex social dynamics. The goal is that audiences can take away something different, even give strength to those who have made mistakes and lost hope in themselves. To others who cannot imagine being in this state of mind and emotion, hopefully the film can help them better understand those who do.

Originally from Singapore, Vivian Ip is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. In the past, she had read law at Durham University and worked as a lawyer in Dentons Rodyk. Now, her film practice is centered on exploring the human condition, as well as bringing authentic and underrepresented voices to the forefront. She aspires to capture intimate moments and universal truths with a cinematic edge. Vivian is a recent MFA graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, having produced HEADLOCK, a Student Academy Awards finalist and an official selection in Dances with Films and Outfest, while her directorial debut AN ISLAND DRIFTS is making its world premiere in Urbanworld. She is a member of the BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomers Program and the Blackmagic Collective First Frame Initiative, as well as an alumna of the ARRI Support and Education (ARRIse) Program. She is currently working on her first feature, pre-selected for the Hubert Bals Fund of the IFFR.