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Don't Forget To Go Home

Victoria Singh-Thompson


This is a script I've been excited to make for a very long time. It's a world I can never quite shake, it's a group of characters I just can't forget, it's a got a feeling that I just can't stop obsessing over... I remember those nights where I first discovered dance music and drugs. The power of a deep red lipstick and the lure of the city lights. I remember looking for love in all the wrong embraces. I didn't know what it meant to be hurt until I was. And yet the mistakes, the heartbreak and the pain is what made me feel alive. It made me feel grown-up. My cousins and I struggled with an identity torn between worlds. Who we were inside the house differed from who we were outside of it and our hearts ached because of it. As the characters are driven by emotions and desires so is the film itself, embodied by the visual language and sound. We literally show the internal landscape of our protagonist Aasha as she goes through her night.

Victoria Singh-Thompson is a non-binary filmmaker based in Gadigal land. Their work focuses on stories outside the dominant culture. They were a Sundance Ignite Finalist for 2019 and nominated for Young Australian Filmmaker of the year at the 2019 Byron Bay Film Festival. They were recently selected for the 2021 International Melbourne Film Festival's Accelerator Lab.