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Loyle Carner, Nobody Knows (Ladas Road)


Bullion Productions

‘Nobody Knows (Ladas Road)’ is the latest track to be released by Loyle Carner from the artist’s upcoming album entitled ‘Hugo’. The Music video is directed by Uncanny. The video was shot on an Arri Alexa 65 infrared, which is one of only three that exist in the world. Uncanny weigh in on their creative process below: “The song tackles the issues of identity, the experience of growing up mixed race and the feeling of not belonging. The lyrics are bold and confrontational. We aimed to push even more focus and attention towards the powerful words by stripping back any distractions, not even allowing for cuts. Through this, we were able to give the focus to Loyle and allow space for his performance solely to captivate the viewer’s attention. These themes felt perfectly encapsulated by shooting in infrared, we could strip back visual light and smoothen skin tones into something unique that you couldn't place your finger on He’s not illuminated by typical light or dark tones but instead captured by an invisible spectrum that’s present everywhere, this grey area that’s not concerned with sticking to our expectations on what 'light' or 'dark' is. The way that infrared renders skin through the 65 is just incredible, we kept referring to it as this glassy, almost porcelain look. The way that the landscape is also rendered is surreal, making everything look almost alien, heightening the sense of not quite belonging. The sheer size of the 65 sensor also really helped us to create something that looked unique and really special, with the incredibly shallow depth rendering Loyle and the set as an almost dream world, somewhat akin to a doll's house.”

UNCANNY - George Muncey & Elliott Elder