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Loneliness is Invisible

Tom Streller


This is an idea I wanted to tackle for a while. But I had to go through many different concepts until it finally clicked and I'm happy I took the time. The result is the kind of film I hadn't done before but definitely want to do more: based around a very simplistic core idea and drawing the viewer in through a captivating visual language and strong storytelling.

Tom Streller is a German director with an interdisciplinary approach to filmmaking. Influenced by his first attempts in skate video and photography as well as a classical music education, Toms work is characterised by a focus on rhythmical storytelling and bold visual language. With a sensibility for incorporating current topics into his films, be it subtle or large-scale, he is particularly drawn to projects which allow the viewer new perspectives on supposedly familiar topics and which depict social change. If not working on commissioned projects, he will always develop a personal project to stay focused and hone his filmmaking skills.